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Munich schranne

in 80331 Munich, Bavaria (DE)

A market for handicrafts, culture and events, as well as gastronomic delights, from July 2005 on the schranne, Munich will offer something to everyone, and as a specific feature vibrant city life – 24 hours every day.

The famous schranne is set to enrich the city’s Old Town even further as a cultural monument and a new attraction featuring craftsmen at their work, a lively cultural scene and culinary delights. The historic steel and glass construction is considered to be an (architectural) jewel of the industrial architecture.
Just as colorful the world is (full of different things), so also is the schranne. Silversmiths, bookbinders, (a laptop clinic,) a daily spa, action art, theatrical rehearsals, exhibitions, matinees, sculptors at their work, video installations, sushi, a "Strudel" snack-bar, veal sausages, fresh pasta: All the traders being experts in their fields.
Bavarian and international – some of the market stalls offer specialities, that put you on a journey around the world. The inn in the schranne named "Der Pschorr" is similar in style to the old Munich inns, land is a place to meet (for good old-fashioned entertainment), both for the people of Munich and for visitors to the city. (On no account should you miss the tapping of the barrel each and every time.)

Location / Getting there:
The schranne is reconstructed in its original location behind the world-famous Viktualienmarkt in the center of Munich at Prälat-Zistl-Straße 7. You will reach the Munich schrane with the underground lines 3 and 6 stop Marienplatz or the subway lines 1 to 8 stop Marienplatz.

Local Events and cultural highlights:
The Munich schranne is a place of discovery, with most of the products being prepared directly in front of the eyes of the visitors. And regardless of how early or late in the day it is: At the schranne a colourful programm is always going on. After all, the hall is open 24-hours a day. Trends that are always on the cutting edge, the individual shop designs, and a range of goods that far exceeds that what is available in your average supermarket or department store – all this makes shopping at the schranne a special experience. Here culture crossing is an everyday reality, both in terms of the range of goods on offer and the people who browse, shop, stroll, experience the culture and work here.


Guided city tour, Craft and tradition,
Regions: Munich Upper Bavaria, Upper Bavaria
Groups from 10 to 50 persons
Languages spoken: German
  • Suitable for coach groups

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