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Memmingen is one of the few Swabian towns that was able to preserve large areas of its medieval old town. In the historic city centre, which is almost completely surrounded by old city walls, you will experience the characteristic atmosphere of a medieval trading town. Saint Martin’s church, built in gothic style, the medieval guild houses, and the patrician houses give a good impression of the town’s more than 850 year old history. With its museums, exhibitions, and theatres, Memmingen offers a wide variety of exciting entertainment options. Guests will have a good time on any of the numerous events taking place in Memmingen throughout the year like Wallenstein, Fisherman’s Day, the Children’s Festival, or the Christmas market. Memmingen also provides its guests with modern amenities. The town’s shops and department stores invite visitors to go for a nice stroll, while several bars and restaurants. 

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City of Memmingen
Marktplatz 3
87700 Memmingen

Tel.: 00498331850172
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